Gabriel Jesus begged for a gun to stand number 9 Arteta still hasn’t agreed.

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New Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus has told head coach Mikel Arteta that. When he wears the number 9 shirt. He will also hope to keep his spear at the target. However, the Spaniard hasn’t promised where the 25-year-old’s position is the best.

Jesus made his name at Palmeras at home from his position as a young forward until City signed him more than five and a half years ago. But with Josep Guardiola’s forward-thinking football. The Brazilian often stretches out on the right side of the path.  

So, writing a new chapter at the Emirates Stadium UFABET‘ Gabby ‘ wants to return to the scorching spear target as before.  

“ Know what, I’m the #9 target spear !” An open mouth with ‘ Arsenal TV ‘ .

” It’s very joyful and I’d like to thank God for every day that I’m still breathing. I can actually play 3-4 positions but if asked I think I’m good at # 9 . ” 

Arteta is still stunned to let the new striker play the target spear. The pseudo striker. or spread out along the line in a 3 -page plan  

“ We have a very well-driven forward. Three or four players who can play in different positions. and play together from those positions. ” added the Spanish coach. “ I want us to be a team whose opponents find it difficult. But at the same time, I want the player to have a living area for whoever owns it. To be successful like that requires a quality squad that. We didn’t even have until Gabriel arrived. I think we can do both of those things at the same time. ” 

The ‘ artillery ‘ front line is really difficult to catch because besides Jesus. There are also Eddie Nketiah or Gabriel Martinelli until I don’t know where the first 11 will come out.