Gary Neville suggests ghosts hurry up and clean up the case. Ronaldo will stay and go, it’s clear.

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Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville has urged United to make a decision over Cristiano Ronaldo’s future. Whether to convince them to fight for another year or go one way. Because the longer it is, the more it affects the preparation of the team of Team Manager Eric Ten Hag.

Cristiano has created drama about transferring the team from United because they want to achieve concrete results rather than helping the club start a new ‘ETH’ era. Which led to an erratic reporting to training on Monday. Passed by ( local ) on the grounds that it was related to family affairs.

The gloom under the Cao Old Trafford is where the former ‘Red Devils’ captain offered the view. UFABET That it needed to be made clear before it became a chronic problem.

” The only important factor about Ronaldo ‘s situation is that it must be dealt with decisively and quickly. ” tweeted @GNev2 .

“ This shouldn’t be a life film that will distract Eric Ten Hag during his new meal with the team in the next two months. ” 

An additional report from ‘ Sic Noticias ‘ shows that. Cristiano’s white four-wheel drive vehicle is in service at the Portuguese national team’s training center in Lisbon.  

Interpreted that he went to the facility for the 2022 pre – season to prepare himself. And probably won’t go back to working with United again.