How to play Sic Bo dice?

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The gambling games changed according to the suitability of the players. And make a play or How to play Sic Bo dice is easier to play. The first thing that has been modified. The equipment use to play from bricks made of clay has changed to dice made of plastic. Plus, it’s smaller, lighter and more portable. Suitable to carry out for make bets very much.

1. to bet

Bet on a favorite or bet on a single number alone. Such as bet number 5 and bet 2, the numbers mentioned above are popular numbers for the bet itself. Most people tend to like each other. The bet number, the payout rate will be at 1 per number drawn from 1 dice. Assume the dice comes out 5 5 1. It means that we will get 2 times the money, excluding the capital by UFABET

2. Big stab

Big bet or double stab Betting like this will have a chance to earn more money than a favorite bet. Because they have to guess 2 numbers to come out at the same time or predict numbers with high and low numbers, for example, the player bets on 3 2 and the result comes out at 5, 3, 2, the player will receive a prize of 5 times, excluding capital, but the opportunity to exit will be reduced not much

3. Low stab

A low bet or a bet is that the player predicts the total sum of all three dice that will come out at 3 – 10 points. The prize money received is 1 times, excluding capital. Low bets have the same chance of earning money as high bets.

4. High stab

High bets or high bets This bet is similar to a low bet. But it will be different. The number of bet points or the sum of the three dice must be at least 12 points. The prize money received is 1 time, excluding the stake. High bets have the same chance of earning as low bets.

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5. Bet on 11 Hi-Lo

Bet on 11 Hi-Lo is consider to be the bet. That has the highest payout ratio after betting on triple numbers or three numbers. Because the dice will be number 11 Sic Bo. All three dice must have a combined result of 11 points, not less than 11 Sic Bo chances. There are not as many as high and low points. Most people are therefore not very popular to bet on 11 Hi-Lo points, the payout rate is approximately 6 to 7, excluding capital.

6. Bet on triple numbers

Triple number bet is to bet or predict the outcome of all three dice to come out the same, such as 1 1 1 , 2 2 2, 3 3 3 , 4 4 4, 5 5 5 , 6 6 6 that chance out is very difficult The payout rate is therefore high as well. The pay rate is set by each web service provider.