Tottenham Hotspur rushes to cut the ghost and pull Torres behind him.

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Tottenham Hotspur rushed to reinforce their troops non-stop to fight the Champions League. And enhance their performance to stand in the way of having a chance to win the English Premier League. When ambush flirted with centre-back Pao Torres from Villa. Real is a tactic of negotiating on the negotiating table with Manchester United who are also interested.

According to ‘ Mirror Football ‘  head coach Antonio Conte ‘s staff have been impressed with Torres. Because of his European performance. Or the name of the Spanish national team has been competitive enough. Definitely useful as an optional 3 central defender system UFABET.  

With the remaining two years on his contract. The 25 – carat -year-old’s valuation is £ 43 million ( about € 50 million ). But Tottenham will likely not pay the full amount. Ready to offer midfielder Joe Vani Lo Celso. Who goes on loan with the ‘ Yellow Submarine ‘ in the second half of the 2021-22 season. And impresses the trainer Unai Emery .  

The Argentine’s estimated price is around 19 million pounds ( about 22 million euros )  .

The current market, Hotspur have added 4 new faces and are chasing both Torres. And centre-back Clement Lenglet on loan from Barcelona.  

The reason Spurs are an easy way to attract Pao to the English Premier League is because United. Who had previously targeted the same player, were targeting Ajax’s Lisandro Martinez , former teammate Erik ten Hag instead .