Barnes still doesn’t see Arsenal as good enough to compete for the league championship.

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Former Liverpool midfielder John Barnes still doesn’t think Arsenal are good enough to compete for the Premier League title with Manchester City and Liverpool.

    At this point, the league title race is seen as being a matter of three horses being in the top 3 of the table. But Barnes’ view points out that it will be a fight between the “Sailboats” and the “Reds”. Because Mikel Arteta’s team is sometimes not calm enough ทางเข้า UFABET 

    “City are favourites, I’d put Liverpool second,” Barnes told Premier League Productions. “Arsenal are in a better position than they were last season.”

    “But I said at the start of the season – March, April is when you really see who the opponents are. Because you have teams like Aston Villa and Tottenham [who looked like they were contending for the title] six weeks ago.”


“When entering the end of February/March It’s all about whether you can get the results or not, which Manchester City won every game. They stand out in that area, and Liverpool for me are their closest rivals. Because there are some games that they don’t play well. But we got results from the competition.”

    “Arsenal must play well to win. And if they don’t play well, they might not win. That is why they are doing so well now. I think it will be a competition between Manchester City and Liverpool.”

    “Today’s win for Liverpool will continue the pressure, Man City will be able to deal with that pressure. City are not worried about moving away. They are an amazing team.”