Burnley 0-3 Manchester City: Collect issues after the Premier League game

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Burnley 0-3 Manchester City: Collect issues after the Premier League game, the Blue Sailboat, starting the new season with the old champion.

  • Manchester City kicked off the new season in style.
  • Kevin De Bruyne suffers hamstring injury
  • The Blues will next face Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup.

1. Manchester City match the old champions

Manchester City made history last season by becoming the second team in the Premier League era to win the title three times in a row.

At this point, many expected them to drop slightly, but Pep Guardiola’s side had no problem coaching newcomers Burnley to Turf Moor.

Erling Haaland is always reliable when the team needs a goal, while Rodri is steadily growing and is undeniably the best defensive midfielder in the world right now.

The Blues find up to 17 shooting opportunities (on the 8th frame) compared to the Burnley hosts who have only shot 6 times (frame 1), including a 66% absolute ball possession percentage.

2. De Bruyne suffered from injury

Even grabbing 3 points with a overwhelming score. And a clean sheet as well, but Manchester City had to face bad news. When Kevin De Bruyne suffered a hamstring injury until. He was substituted in the 23rd minute and replaced by Mateo Kovacic.

It was the same injury from the Champions League final against Inter Milan in June. When he was substituted in the first half as well

Pep Guardiola hopes Belgian midfielder’s injury is not serious. But he is expected to miss the UEFA Super Cup clash with Sevilla on Wednesday night.

3. Haaland, hot engine since the first game

After scoring 36 goals in the Premier League last season, Haaland started the new season with two first-half goals. It is a continuation of where he left off.

It took him just four minutes to open his first account of the season. From the speed that can snatch a shot before the Burnley defensive line that surrounds the penalty area with a defensive line

Then, in the 36th minute, the 23-year-old spearhead added the score. From shooting beautifully under the corner Unfortunately, Haaland failed to score a hat-trick. When he was substituted in the 79th minute.

Haaland left another interesting stat as he became just the second player in Premier League history to score at least two goals in the opening game of a season for the second year in a row after Didier Drog. Ba, the legendary Chelsea striker. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com