Frenkie credits Paris for Barcelona revenge next season.

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Frenkie de Jong, Barcelona midfielder, credits Paris Saint-Germain Who did better than them until they qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League. From now on, they have to go back and do their homework to refine themselves to be stronger next season.

‘Barca’ actually went on to steal a 3-2 victory in Paris, but when they returned to play at the Olympique de Montjuic, they were in ruins 1-4, with a combined result of the two matches falling 4-6. There was no need to stop the path just like this. Get a chance to win any championship. 

The factors that led to its downfall were the remaining 10 players from the 29th minute, as well as a lack of focus either as a team or as an individual. It is a lesson to go back and fix. Think positively in the Dutch style. 

“Attempt to lead 1-0, it is considered an advantage to create more opportunities,” said the opening statement through ‘UFABET‘.

“But in the European Club Championship game When you are forced to play with 10 players for a lot of minutes, like we faced. And then meeting a great opponent like PSG, we know that there would be tears.” 

“We tried our hardest. But in the end, the effort was not effective.” 

“This is a great loss. Because we thought that we would be able to advance to the next round. He tried hard to fight for the result after receiving the red card but to no avail.”

“There is no better remedy than pulling us up against each other. And try to do better next season.” 

Barcelona did not have a player receive a direct red card in the knockout round. Champions League since Arturo Vidal February 2020 until Ronald Araujo arrived yesterday.