Rio, Crouch confused by Cancelo little-thought foul.

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Rio Ferdinand and Peter Crouch, two Football on UFABET analysts, are puzzled by the decision of Barcelona defender Joao Cancelo in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals game. Lose 1-4 to PSG yesterday, who had an unnecessary penalty on their opponent.

While the score ‘Barca’ trailed 1-2, the total score was 4-4, with fewer players remaining. If you are a normal person, think about it. You have to play smart, play safe and avoid scary tackles. 

But the Portuguese defender fell for Paris Saint-Germain striker Ousmane Dembele โปรโมชั่น ufabet. Pretending to catch a long ball in the right side of the box Tempted to be insert to call a foul, which was the intention in every way. Received both a penalty, a goal and a 3-1 lead, and caused a disturbance in concentration until the opponent’s entire team dropped the nuts. 

That made the two gurus surprise, even though the full-back on loan from Manchester City, with this level of experience, still didn’t look like he was being lure.

Ferdinand, former Champion of the Champions League. 2008 Manchester United’s status begins to be blame.

“That distance from the ball, the opposing wingers are closer. There is no need to jump in.”

“That type of behavior is what hot-blooded, immature, inexperienced defenders are doing.”

“That guy is in a controllable situation. There is no need. You have to be aware of where you are on the field.” 

“Personally, I am a defender with the attitude of maintaining your position for as long as you can. Especially when inside the 18-yard box, I think that moment deserves to be punish.” 

Crouch also agreed that Cancelo didn’t need to charge.

“I can’t believe it. He will hit the ball that hard,” the former Champions League runner-up. 2007 Liverpool status added 

“Staying away from the ball is beneficial. Is it a situation where you have to jump in? Without a doubt, it creates work for the team. It was difficult to lose a penalty to avoid responsibility.” 

“Dembele is smart, if he doesn’t get charge at him he can take a throw-in or take a corner.” 

On the ball, Barcelona deserved to lose because they had just 32.7% of possession, the lowest of any team in any competition since the 2013-14  season.