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5 things bedtime If you don’t want to sleep

5 things you should never do before bedtime If you don’t want to sleep. Insomnia can occur for many reasons. ranging from stress that disturbs the brain and mentally until unable to fall asleep to the surrounding environment. That may not conducive to sleep, such as the heat being

3 reasons “forbidden” to pluck gray hair

3 reasons “forbidden” to pluck gray hair What will happen! If you suddenly see the white hair stand out Can’t wait to pull it away But many people may have to weigh up because they have heard rumors claiming that plucking 1 gray hair will double in size. But

Laporta aims to lead Barca to six more trophies.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has set his sights on leading the club to historic success in the 2008-2009 season. Barcelona president Joan Laporta has set an ambitious plan to lead Azulgrana to six trophies again in the same 2008-2009 season. According to Mundo de Portibo

Carvalho excited for the first day of pre-season.

Liverpool’s new young midfielder Fabio Carvalho is thrilled with the atmosphere of a fitness test in preparation for the 2022 pre-season at the AXA Training Centre. In addition to him, captain Jordan Henderson or attacker Luis Diaz is in the lab to collect data. The 19

Why did Murphy poke Manchester United fans Eriksen?

Talk Sports analyst Danny Murphy has warned Manchester United fans. Not to be overwhelmed by the signing of free agent Christian Eriksen because of the downturn. It will also overlap the position of Bruno Fernandes as the new captain. The 30 -year -old midfielder has reportedly agreed verbally